The companies were selected by Indico Capital Partners based on product differentiation, size of the potential market and the quality of their teams. Indico Capital Partners has chosen the following startups:

The first curator-driven NFT platform powered by a global network of vetted art professionals. Artpool counts more than 850 professional fine art curators and offers them tools to monetize and finance their activities via the sale of NFTs.

E-commerce brand of sustainable personal care and beauty products, with sales in more than 60 countries.

Integrated software platform to streamline the acquisition of services and products in the civil construction industry, reducing the time and cost for planning and executing civil construction works.

Artificial intelligence platform that finds data on the internet that indicates signs of potential purchase of products or services by large companies - insightful and useful information to boost sales by potential suppliers.

The Intelligent Work Management Platform that automatically plans work, allocates resources and optimizes teams workload.

Infrastructure and vegetation monitoring system based on satellite imagery data, offering a comprehensive analysis of a wide range of risks, with a view to assessing structural health and project safety.